We offer a group of people that’s driven to tell your story with carefully thought-out combinations of audio and imagery. Together we will transfer the story or message you want to share on to screen. Whether it’s a professional music video, atmospheric festival-aftermovie, slick corporate commercial or intimate wedding video, we have the experience and means to make this happen. Having close connections to influencers, actors, reporters and writers these means extend further than the technical side of the job.


We are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, lenses and assorted gear. As the technology develops so does our equipment, to ensure the best bang for your buck.


Aiming higher? Interested in a birds-eye view of your business? No problem! Specialised and highly-experienced drone-pilots will battle any winds to bring you the most stunning imagery from the sky.


Need professionals on both sides of the camera? If necessary we can rely on a broad network of actors and actresses who are proficient and trained in all sorts of performances.


Proper lighting is fundamental if you want every single detail in your video to be noticed. With the use the right lighting, your video will look even better. We own all the nessesary lights an reflectors for every possible location.


Sometimes you need to go beyond reality. We can hook you up with a moving logo or even bring your drawings and designs a live.


It’s important to us that you feel connected to the end-product. That’s why we always keep the dialogue open and have a standard of three feedback rounds.


With many different models and types of (wireless) microphones, the possibilities for audio-recording are endless! Proper audio will bring the video to life and strongly impacts the overall quality. Whether it’s spoken audio or amplified music, anything is possible!


Need a boost in online marketing? We have tight links to influencers that will market your product in a natural and dynamic fashion. This relatively new form of advertisement is proving to be more and more worthy every day.


We prefer saying yes over no. We are always willing to look at ways to meet your demands if the above is not sufficient. So let’s get in contact!


Questions? Don't hesitategive us a call!send a message!or visit us!